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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Friendswood - Friendswood City Council Candidates Forum, Tuesday April 25th 6p

The Friendswood Republican Women's Club, in conjunction with the League of Women Voters, will be hosting a Friendswood City Council Candidates Forum on Tuesday evening, April 25 at the Village on the Park (on FM528/Parkwood, near Winding Way).

There will be a "mixer" in the Solarium from 6p -7p, providing an opportunity to meet the candidates one on one. Questions will be addressed to the candidates in the dining hall from 7-8 p.m. written questions will be taken until about 7:30p.

Also, I will the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of FRW this Thursday at 11a at Perry's Grille in Friendswood. I'll be speaking about the path forward for the Republican Party Post Tom Delay and sharing some tips for running a political campaign.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Watch the Texas House and Senate on the Internet

Hat tip to Lone Star Times for the following info. As we follow the battle in Austin for signifucant property tax relief, this is a way for you to monitor your elected officials and hold them accountable for their votes:

You can watch and listen to the Texas House and Senate via "RealMedia Live Broadcasts".
The Senate is:
The House is:
On each web page there are instructions, broadcast schedules and archives of
past sessions.

Hallisey blasts Enrique de Leon. Claims de Leon has no integrity; demands de Leon explain himself to the parishioners at St. Mary's church

4/26 UPDATE: LC Councilman Jim Nelson throws his support behind Cones:

4/24 UPDATE: Now Cones' wife adds her voice to the fray:

The extreme left in League City are coming out in force against conservative city council candidate Enrique de Leon in his race against incumbent Councilman Thomas Cones, just as they have come out against conservative candidate Mike Lee.

It seems as if long time League City Democrat Precinct Chair Chris Mallios has never met a conservative candidate he didn't oppose.

First, former Mayor Pat Hallisey penned the following missive posted on Guidry News:

A little story about Enrique De Leon, Candidate for League City Council. I had a short conversation with this person the other night at the Candidates forum. It is factual that Mr. Deleon in his effort to get elected to the League City Council thought it was important to see how much havoc he could cause Councilman Thomas Cones by filing a bogus complaint about him at work in Houston.

Why I said? His answer was "now is not the time" Well now is the time. Now I have very strong feelings about Public Service and what that it is about. I am absolutely sure it does not have a thing to do with trying to cost anyone the ability to feed their families. In fact, as Mr. De Leon spouts his conservative, accountable and integrity slogans, I want him to explain what attacking someone at work about League City Politics has to do with his being conservative, accountable or his integrity of which I see there is a lack of.

Here we go again another mindless candidate, who only knows how to tell you what's wrong with everyone else. Are we ever going to hear anything new like "HEY IM FOR DOING SOMETHING FOR YOU THE CITIZENS", rather than constantly telling us what is wrong with everyone else.

Enrique De Leon has no integrity and is only accountable to his handlers. What an absolute disappointment and embarrassment Enrique Deleon is! We go to Church together and the next time he is there maybe he can explain to all at St. Mary's what his interest is in Public Service and why trying to cost Thomas Cones his job is important to League City's future?

Pat Hallisey

and then, on the same day, Chris "I only obsess about Republican consultants because the Democrats have no ideas" Mallios posts the following gem on Guidry as well:

Good afternoon Mr. G,

I find it amusing yet sad, very sad that Mr. De Leon and his paid consultant feel they must attack Council Member Cones instead of telling us what Mr. De Leon has done for our city.

What city boards and commissions he has served on? None. No service to our city, attack answers to all questions and of course the divide "brand as a liberal" and conquer technique that worked well last year; this is what our city election has come to?

We have one candidate out waving a sign at the corner of 270 and 518 every morning and another one that has no ideas and no solutions, only attacks! And that makes 'em qualified? Oh, dios mio.

Chris John Mallios

Is it me, or does anybody else see a pattern here of the Democrat strategy of the politics of personal destruction? Hallisey and Cones both endorsed Democrat Bryan Lamb for County Commissioner Precinct Two.

Conservatives in League City should take note of the temperment and the tone of these letters and the sentiment behind their endorsements and vote accordingly on May 1st.

Friday, April 21, 2006

League City - Truth and Facts about City Councilman Thomas Cones by Council Candidate Enrique de Leon

Incumbent League City Councilman Thomas Cones has two challengers for his position 3 seat, Mike Lee and Enrique de Leon. The following letter was posted on Guidrynews by Mr. de Leon in response to a recent mailer by Mr. Cones:

Recently Mr. Cones sent out mailers in an attempt to confuse voters by identifying himself as conservative and honest. I would like to set the record straight by pointing out a few facts and truths about Mr. Cones.

First, in a letter written on April 4, 2006, announcing his candidacy, Mr. Cones states, “our tax rate has gone down for the past 4 years and I voted for each decrease.” Fact is that in 2002, Mr. Cones voted against a city tax decrease. The rate at that time was .6525 per 100 and the proposed tax was .6500 per 100. Despite Mr. Cones voting against the motion (4 to 3), the tax decrease passed.

Full text of letter.

League City - "Mock" City Council Worship with CCISD Students sitting in for Mayor and Council - Tuesday, April 25 - 5p

League City Mayor Shults announced that there is a mock city council workshop on Tuesday, April 25th at 5p. This is a worskhop for high school students to learn how government works.

CCISD high school students will sit in for the Mayor and Council and discuss items of interest to their constituents including: a discussion of merit awards, a student court, and contrat grading.

The city will hold a reception for the students and their families at the end of the workshop.

Mayor Shults stated, "This should be an excellent opportunity for both students and parents to participate in their local city government. We will take pictures and issue proclamations at the conclusion of the meeting. I also believe that anything we can do to continue to strengthen our relationship with CCISD will benefit all of League City and CCISD as well."

The public is encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

League City - City Council candidate's Forum tomorrow at 6p

The League City Chamber of Commerce will host a Candidates' Forum on Thursday, April 20 at 6:00 pm. Candidate's for the League City City Council have been invited to participate in this forum in Council Chambers at City Hall located at 300 W. Walker in League City.

The forum will televised live on Channel 16 and rebroadcast several times per day until the election.

Early voting for the May 13th election starts on May 1st at the League City Civic center.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter; Come Celebrate the Risen Lord with us this Sunday at 10a at Minute Maid Park

I wish you all a Happy Easter and would like to extend an invite to you to attend a multi-denominational service this weekend to celebrate Resurrection Day.

Our church, Windsor Village United Methodist Church, and Second Baptist Church are holding a joint service at Minute Maid Park.

Windsor's Senior Pastor Kirbyjohn Caldwell and Second Baptist Senior Pastor, Dr. Ed Young will be joined by a 600-voice combined choir and a 100-person joint praise dance team.

If you are in the area and don't have a church home or just want to be inspired and encouraged, come to Minute Maid Park and be blessed.

Full story.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Democrats Collide by Chris Stevens

And speaking of the Criss family, TMG client Judge Miles Whittington is running against Lloyd's daughter, Judge Susan Criss for the 212th District Court bench in November.

You'll hear much more about that race in the fall, but for now I wanted pass on this tidbit from Republican County Judge candidate Chris Stevens. It's posted on his blog, and it's an interesting e-mail exchange between Judge Criss and County Commissioner Doyle.

Full text.

Choate wins Precinct Two runoff 64% to 36%

TMG client Albert Choate won a convincing victory on Tuesday night, beating Eddie Janek, Jr. 64% to 36% to capture the Republican nomination for Galveston County Commissioner for Precinct Two.

I want to thank all of the conservatives in Precinct Two who heeded the call and propelled Albert to victory. We look forward to a spirited contest in November against the Democrat nominee.

And our old friend, and obsessor, Galveston Democrat Party Chair Lloyd Criss has bet me a Perry's Grille pork chop that the Dems will keep Precinct Two.

As a reminder Lloyd, I like my pork chop medium and herb crusted.

See you in November.

Monday, April 10, 2006

League City Chamber to host City Council candidates' Forum, Thursday April 20th at 6p

Candidates for League City City Council have been invited to participate in the forum to be held in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 300 W. Walker.

The forum will be televised live on Channel 16 and will be rebroadcast through the election.

The public is invited.

Republican Runoff election tomorrow - Tuesday, April 11th - Remember to Vote

As a reminder, Runoff Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 11th.

Depending on where you live, there will be one or two races on your ballot.

The statewide runoff for Judge , Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8 is between Terry Keel and Charles Holcomb.

The County Commissioner Precinct Two runoff is between Albert Choate and Eddie Janek, Jr.

If you live in Bayou Vista, Tiki Island, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, The West End of Galveston Island or the following League City subdivisions: Westover Park, Westwood, Countryside South, Rustic Oaks, Magnolia Creek, Claremont, Village of Oak Creek Colony, Bay Colony, or Dove Meadows, you live in Precinct Two.

TMR urges every Republican to go back to the polls and vote in the runoff. Even if you didn't vote in the primary, you can vote in the runoff.

It is crucial to our success in November that we select the best qualified, most conservative candidates with the strongest chance of beating the Democrats.

Based on that criteria, The Markum Report endorses Keel and Choate.

**Disclosure - Mr. Choate is a Markum Group client.

Join Tax Assessor Cheryl E. Johnson and come celebrate the First Annual Galveston County Tax Freedom Day*

*The day we have finally earned enough to pay off the government.

Celebrate with fellow taxpayers and special guests

The Honorable Paul Bettencourt
Harris County Tax Assessor/Collector
Edd Hendee
AM 700 KSEV Radio Talk Show Host

Wednesday, May 3rd
5 - 8 pm

Gulfway Plaza at La Marque (I-45 @ Delany Road)
hosted by
Cheryl E. Johnson

Post Office Box 555, Friendswood, Texas 77549-0555
Pd Pol Ad by the Cheryl E. Johnson Campaign, Don Johnson, Treasurer

Saturday, April 08, 2006

League City - Victory Lakes median issue / Future Westside Development Workshop on City Council Agenda, Tuesday April 11th at 5p

I just checked the city's website and lo and behold the Victory Lakes median is back on the agenda.

Councilman Tidwell has two items posted. One item is to rescind the council's decision two weeks ago to require a traffic study and workshop before deciding about the median.

The other is an action item (an up or down vote) on an agreement between Lowe's and League City, requested by Lowe's, to guarantee that the city will not close the median.

Lowe's has indicated that if the city does not agree to keep the median open, they will not build at the Victory Lakes site; taking the projected $500,000 in sales tax revenue, plus the projected $1.4 million in sales tax revenue of the stores that plan to locate next to Lowe's, out of the city's coffers.

My hope is that the council has come to a fuller understanding in the past two weeks about the desires of the citizens of League City.

The vast majority of the citizens I have spoken with in the past few weeks want quality commercial development like Lowe's (and the Target/Home Depot center that is being planned for the land across FM 646 from Wal-mart) and they think the ideal place for the Lowe's is on the IH 45 freeway corridor at FM 646.

Council should reverse its decision and enter into an agreement with Lowe's that allows for the median to stay open. But Lowe's should also agree that if a traffic survey indicates the need for dedicated turn lanes into and out of the Lowe's property, or another traffic signal, that Lowe's bears the cost of those traffic safety measures.

In the words of the immortal Dr. Spock in Star Trek II the movie, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ..... or the one."

If you want to voice your opinion on this issue, you should be at the council chambers by 5:50p so you can sign the register at the front indicating your desire to be heard. Any resident may make speak to the council.

There is also a public workshop about future westside development that will be held at 5:00p before the City Council meeting. All of the major developers in the city will be in attendance.

League City - Comment about the Mike Lee / Tommy Cones City Council race

This comment from a League City resident came in last week, but may have been missed by all the Tom Delay coverage. Here is my response and the comment:

To: DaisyGirl

I think Mr. Hallisey’s response was more than “a bit” strong and is a prime example of what's wrong with League City politics.

In terms of Mr. Lee, I concur with you that Mr. Lee is very likeable and personable. He is well-spoken with a professional demeanor and appearance.

Mr. Lee’s temperament seems well suited to working collegially with the Mayor and Council, and in particular, Mr. Lee does not have the kind of personality that would bully or try to intimidate city staff.

Mr. Lee is financially savvy, and has some practical experience in dealing with developers and builders from his service on the South Shore #7 MUD board.

As a conservative, I like the fact that he has cut taxes for his MUD board constituents and look forward to him bringing that same financial discipline to League City citizens.

Mr. Lee is also a conservative, which may not be important to some people, but it matters to me and 75% of the people who have taken the current poll on my blog.

I strongly agree that a new person running would be a breath of fresh air, but I think that applies to all of the city council positions. The council has made some poor financial decisions in the past which have cost taxpayers money; council members should be held, rightfully, accountable for their actions and Mr. Lee’s opponent is an incumbent.

As a side note, I am pleased that Mayor Shults has brought the Butler Longhorn Museum issue to the front burner.

I am one who does not think the city should be in the museum business; much less spend $1.5 million taxpayer dollars on a project that’s not even open after more than 3 years.

I am encouraged that Mr. Lee’s position on the BLM issue involves finding a solution that doesn’t spend any more taxpayer money.

In terms of his time in League City; he’s lived here since 2003, served on a MUD board, attends St. Mary’s Catholic Church, pays his taxes, and votes.

What else does he need to do to prove his is able to contribute?

I didn’t notice that there was a residency requirement in the charter, that says unless you’ve lived here for more than 10 years you can’t run for council; as matter of fact, I think the opposite may be true.

A new perspective brings new eyes, new ideas and new solutions; and I think League City is clearly in need of new solutions that don’t wastefully spend taxpayer money and that bring in quality commercial development to lower residential taxes.

Additionally, being a resident for three years didn’t seem to affect Councilman Barber’s election last year. Councilman Barber was out spent by a local business owner who has lived in League City for more than 20 years. Obviously, how long you live in town is not a deciding factor for the majority of League City’s voters.

The City Council is not a union shop; seniority should not be a factor.

What is a factor, in my opinion, is are you fiscally conservative? Meaning do you spend my tax money wisely on projects that agree with my basic priorities (roads, infrastructure, public safety, etc) or do you spend it on economic investments that have poor returns on taxpayer dollars?

Secondarily, can you work well with others? Are you effective in what you do and can you work with the council, Mayor, and staff to move the city forward or are you a throwback to the times when the council had an adversarial relationship with the Mayor, when League City was on the front page of the papers as an example of how not to govern, and when the business of the city was effectively stopped as it was in the last 6 months of the former Mayor’s term?

And lastly, do you have a clear vision of where you want this city to go? I like Mr. Lee's focus on bringing in quality commercial development to reduce residential taxes. I think we need more of it. I like his desire to limit multi-family apartments and to require developers/builders to make sure new subdivisions have greenbelts, lakes, and other quality amenities; clearly development will come, but we need solutions to League City's growth that favor taxpayers and not developers.

Based on those issues, Mr. Lee is more conservative and better qualified than his opponent.

You’re welcome for the forum. Thanks for taking the time to write, even if we disagree. Stay involved and don’t forget to vote next Tuesday in the primary runoff.


Original comment From DaisyGirl,

Mr. Hallisey's response may have been a bit strong, but he was being quite realistic.

Mr. Markum, I've emailed you with information for confirmation and spoke to Mr. Lee over the telephone and found him very personable and likable...

But ready for League City Council... not yet...

A new person would be a breath of fresh air, but running in Position #3... I don't think so.

When I spoke with Mr. Lee prior to signing up with the League City secretary, he said he was going to run for Council, but not sure which position as of then.

At that time Ms. Benoit hadn't voiced an option of running again and Mr. Samuelson wasn't known in regular circles to be running... Really, I begged him to run in Position #4 since he was soooooooooo new to League City and only on a MUD...

I have to agree with Mr. Hallisey, except for the tone...

His points of interest were on the money.

Once again, thank you for this forum and the opportunity to make another opinion available, even if we disagree. It is appreciated.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Perry gets it right: no special election for Delay's seat until the fall

In case you missed Nick Lampson's publicity stunt; he is calling on Delay to leave office by tomorrow, and demanding that Governor Perry call a special election on May 13th in the name of voter representation.

That's just like a Democrat, spending taxpayer money like it grows on trees.

Tom Delay has already said he is resigning in mid-June, precisely because there is work to be done in congress.

Governor Perry can't afford to risk alienating the Republican base by wasting taxpayer money to call a special; especially if congress is in recess in the summer and off in December.

The base has already spoken and their answer is no. The GOP chairmen in Ft. Bend and Harris counties have already stated their opposition to a special election and other Republican leaders will soon follow.

As I, and others predicted, Lampson's ship is sinking fast and he's trying to hang on for dear life.

I also think it's worth noting that unless there is a special election on May 13th, Nick will have to "think" about running in it.

Newsflash Nick: Don't think too much about it. Just say no. You can't win it and you have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

I predict Nick will go quietly into the night and we will NEVER see him on a special election ballot.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Statements by RPT Chair and Friendswood State Rep about Tom Delay's resignation

“I’m disappointed in how this has played out- but it says a lot about the
man. Tom Delay is a man of principle.

“He truly believes in the conservative issues he has been working on in Congress. My personal preference would be that he continued serving as our Congressman.
Unfortunately, without an opportunity to resolve the legal issues before the
November election, that was not guaranteed. In order to protect conservative values he has chosen to step aside, assuring a conservative Republican continues to represent those values in Congress.”

“Not only do I respect Tom Delay’s service to our great state, I respect his character and perseverance to remain steadfast in his personal beliefs. I look forward
to continue advancing the conservative agenda alongside Tom Delay and wish only
the best for he and his family.”

State Representative Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood

Dear Republican Family,

With Congressman Tom Delay's announcement today that he does not intend to seek re-election in November, the United States Congress and the State of Texas will experience a great loss of leadership. An incredibly effective leader, Congressman DeLay has been a strong and courageous voice for faith, family and freedom.

Although Congressman DeLay will be deeply missed, the Republican Party of Texas will move forward upon his resignation to ensure that the 22nd Congressional District has a great Republican nominee on the ballot in November and that the district continues to have a bold conservative Republican voice in Congress.

Tina J. Benkiser - Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

State Senator Kyle Janek not interested in CD 22 race

Ft. Bend Now is reporting that State Senator Kyle Janek is not planning to run in the special election to replace Congressman Tom Delay. The following candidates have expressed an interest in running in the non-partisan special election to fill Delay's unexpired term:

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace
Harris County Judge Robert Eckels
State Representative Dist #26 Charlie Howard
Houston City Councilwoman Shelly Sekula-Gibbs
State Representative Dist #44 Robert Talton
Houston Attorney Tom Campbell (2nd place finisher in the Republican primary)
Former Congressman Nick Lampson
Former Congressman Steve Stockman
Libertarian Bob Smithers

Hat Tip: Texas Safety Forum

What is the process to pick Tom Delay's replacement??

I can confirm that was a conference call today between the Tom Delay campaign and the Cd 22 District Committee. No word yet on the results of the call.

UPDATE: Essentially there are two issues:

1. - Who gets to pick Delay's replacement as the party's nominee on the general election ballot in November? (This person would serve the full term starting in January '07)

2. - Who gets to pick the replacement for Delay's unexpired term? (from when he actually resigns - mid - June?? to Dec 31, 2006)

Rick Hansen's Election Law Blog has a synopsis of the Texas Election Code that applies to the special election.


The Delay vs The World Blog is reporting that the Texas Election Code, section 171.054 applies. It lays out the following process:

The GOP County Chair in Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston and Brazoria will call a
meeting of the precinct chairs of that district.

Each county's precinct chairs will elect one precinct chair.

Those four precinct chairs (one each from Fort Bend, Harris, Brazoria, and Galveston) will meet and determine who represents the GOP on the ballot in November against Nick Lampson.

If this process is not followed, then the state GOP committee (SREC) will decide on the nominee.

According to Ft. Bend County GOP Chairman Eric Thode as reported by the Texas
Safety Blog
, the process to replace Delay would go as follows:

There are two processes in play. One is withdrawal from the ballot. Two is
resignation from the seat.

According to DeLay's staff, the official withdrawal will occur once residency
has been established in another state, which will allow the CD 22 District
Committee to replace DeLay on the ballot.

Based on my conversation with Secretary of State staff, the Committee will be
comprised of the County Chairs from Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston and
Brazoria; plus one Precinct Chair from CD 22 in each of those counties.

(TMR Note: I think the County Chairs select a precinct chair; and those precinct chairs make the decision. I don't think the precinct chairs are part of the original committee)

This individual would be selected by their peers from CD 22 in the respective

Part two is the resignation, which according to DeLay staff will not occur until June
or July.

At that point, the Governor can choose to hold a special election on one of
Texas' predetermined election dates, or decide not to hold a Special Election.

Essentially, there could be two simultaneous elections...the November General
Election for the 2007-2008 term of Congress and a Special Election for the final
few months of DeLay's current term.

Needless to say, it's all up to Congressman DeLay when these two processes
actually start and this could all change tomorrow.

FYI: In order for a May Special Election to occur, DeLay must resign before
April 7, which at this point, he says he does not plan to do.

Statement by Tom Delay to Voters in CD 22

Statement of Tom Delay
United States Representative for Congressional District 22

For the past 21 years as your Congressman, it has been an incredible honor to represent the citizens of the 22nd District of this great state of Texas.

What a pair of decades we have lived together.

When I started in politics, I was inspired by the optimism and conservative principles embodied by one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan. Since I first asked for your votes for Congress back in 1984, America has moved closer to, not further from, the “shining city on a hill” that he so magnificently described. She has risen from malaise, won a cold war and a few hot ones, and liberated hundreds of millions across Europe and tens of millions of Afghans and Iraqis.

Full statement.

Delay resignation may signal the end of Democrat Lampson's chances to pick up CD 22 seat

The Democrats may not be so happy in the fall.

Tom Delay's resignation removes a key part of Nick Lampson's strategy for winning the CD 22 seat. If the Democrats can't run against the "culture of corruption" , Lampson may be unable to get much traction in what is a Republican district.

Ironically, Tom Delay may have been Nick Lampson's last, best hope of returning to congress.

Conservative columnist Robert Novak, writing for the Evans / Novak Politcal Report, reports:

DeLay will now step down this summer, triggering a special election to replace
him. He will also change his residence to Virginia, making himself ineligible to run for re-election in the fall and leaving the process to the back-room politics of the state Republican Executive Committee to place a new name on the November ballot.

Still, the committee is likely to choose whichever Republican finishes first in the special election. DeLay's hand-picked successor appears to be Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace (R), whom DeLay informed of his decision in advance and who notified the press he would be running for the seat.

Also running will be Tom Campbell (R), who took 30 percent against DeLay in the March 7 primary.

DeLay's decision probably takes this seat out of contention for the fall. Although DeLay's challenger, former Rep. Nick Lampson (D), still has a large amount of cash on hand, his strategy in this heavily Republican district was to run a highly negative campaign against DeLay regarding his scandals and the "culture of corruption" surrounding congressional Republicans. Now he will have to start from scratch.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gina Parker Withdraws from Republican Party of Texas Chairman Race, incumbent RPT Chair Tina Benkiser unopposed

As reported by Harvey Kronberg in the Quorum Report:

Citing her growing work load on behalf of the National Eagle Forum, second time Republican Party of Texas Chairman candidate Gina Parker announced her withdrawal from the race.

In a recently sent email, Parker says:

"I am humbled by the overwhelming support from so many for another campaign for State Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas this June.

After giving serious consideration, however, I must regretfully decline to seek the chairmanship because of a recent challenge to assume a leadership role with the National Eagle Forum.

I will continue to speak on stopping judicial activism and serve Eagle Forum as it continues to train leaders and challenge conservatives to stand strong for God, country, and family."

Full story.

NEWS ALERT - Tom Delay will not seek reelection

Time Magazine and the Galveston Daily News are reporting that Tom Delay will announce tomorrow that he is resiging his House seat and will not seek reelection.

The full Time article is here.
The full Galveston Daily News article is here.

According to Time, Rep. Tom DeLay, whose iron hold on the House Republicans melted as a lobbying corruption scandal engulfed the Capitol, told TIME that he will not seek reelection and will leave Congress within months.

Taking defiant swipes at "the left" and the press, he said he feels "liberated" and vowed to pursue an aggressive speaking and organizing campaign aimed at promoting foster care, Republican candidates and a closer connection between religion and government.

"I'm going to announce tomorrow that I'm not running for reelection and that I'm going to leave Congress," DeLay, who turns 59 on Saturday, said during a 90-minute interview on Monday. "I'm very much at peace with it."

UPDATE: Chris Elam from Texas Safety Forum Blog in Ft Bend is reporting that Sugarland Mayor David Wallace is the front runner in the special election to replace Delay. Other names being mentioned are Galveston State Senator Kyle Janek, and the third place CD 22 finisher in the Republican primary, Tom Campbell.

League City - Statement on Victory Lakes Median by City Council candidate Mike Lee

UPDATE: Pat Hallisey's response to Mike Lee's statement as posted on Guidrynews:

Mr. Lee,

I am not sure where you are from or how long you have been in League
City? This City has progressed a great deal over the past 20 years. Your assessment that you are the savior and that without you this City will not progress, is arrogant, outrageous and without merit to any intelligent people.

You show your naivete with your statements about how on one hand chastising the Council for following their economic development plan and then on the other hand, talking about losing Academy and Frys.

Frankly Mr. Lee can you give me facts as to why Fry’s and Academy are locating
by the Nasa By-Pass? Could it be location location location?

You find fault with Mr. Cones for his voting for this or that project. Mr. Lee
you have never been involved with anybody here in League City. If you
think your involvement on a MUD Board is preparation for the challenges of
leading the biggest City in Galveston County, you sir are foolish.

It is easy to find fault, Its easy to destroy, its easy to be against. I have
always subscribed to the statement "don’t tell me what’s wrong with the other
candidate, tell me what you are going to do for me."

So Mr. Lee what are you going to do for League City other than find fault with others or are you going to be another mindless candidate who just wants to cut taxes with no plan?

Pat Hallisey

Original April 3rd Statement by Mike Lee

The recent issue concerning the median at the proposed Lowe’s site in Victory Lakes is another symptom of the same problem that has hampered League City’s ability to progress; short term thinking that leads to poor financial decision making.

League City’s citizens, by and large, have already said they want quality commercial development to reduce their taxes and to allow them to shop close to home.

Yet time and time again in recent years, quality commercial development has left the city because of the actions of the council; and taxpayer’s are left holding the bag.

Fry’s, Academy, Bass Pro Shop, possibly Lowe’s, Big League Dreams, the Butler Longhorn Museum, are all examples of poor financial decisions made at the expense of the taxpayers.

My opponent, incumbent City Councilman Thomas Cones, supported spending money for Big League Dreams; BLD has turned out to be a less than satisfactory investment for the taxpayers.

Mr. Cones supported the Butler Longhorn Museum, and two years and $1.5 Million dollars after it was supposed to have been open, it’s still not open; BLM has turned out to be a less than satisfactory investment for the taxpayers.

Now, Mr. Cones wants to pay to study the traffic in front of Lowe’s, which is the same traffic that the city has already paid to study in front of Wal-Mart next door. And because of that study, Lowe’s and the $500K per year in tax revenues that they'll bring, plus the $1.4 million in tax revenues that the stores that would build next to Lowe's, may be lost.

I have a degree in finance and I just don’t think League City can afford Tommy Cones on City Council anymore.

Mike Lee
Candidate for League City Council Position #3

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Republican Primary Runoff endorsements - Keel and Choate

As a reminder, early voting for the Republican Primary runoff starts tomorrow and runs through Friday, April 7th. Runoff Election Day is Tuesday, April 11th.

Here are the: early voting locations in Galveston County.

Depending on where you live, there will be one or two races on your ballot.

The statewide runoff for Judge , Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8 is between Terry Keel and Charles Holcomb.

The County Commissioner Precinct Two runoff is between Albert Choate and Eddie Janek, Jr.

TMR urges every Republican to go back to the polls and vote in the runoff. Even if you didn't vote in the primary, you can vote in the runoff.

It is crucial to our success in November that we select the best qualified, most conservative candidates with the strongest chance of beating the Democrats.

Based on that criteria, The Markum Report endorses Keel and Choate.

**Disclosure - Mr. Choate is a Markum Group client.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

America Must Join and Win New 'Space Race" by Congressman Tom Delay

As reported in the Guidrynews:

WASHINGTON - Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Texas) today called on the United States to recognize, join, and win the 21st Century space race initiated by the aerospace technological advances of foreign nations, especially the People's Republic of China.

"The advanced state of the Chinese space program represents a 21st Century Sputnik moment," DeLay said. "The new space race has already begun, and our only choice is to ensure the full funding of our space program to win it." Full press release

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