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Monday, October 30, 2006

Why the Democrats will not take the US House

Just so our liberal friends don't think it's just me who thinks they won't capture the House or the Senate, here is a piece by Doug Patton on that very subject.

Clearly, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Democrats have no hope, no agenda, and no chance to capture the 15 seats they need to take the House.

Oh, You Mean THAT Liberal Media

Just in case you thought Galveston County was immune from liberal media bias, The Galveston County Daily News announced its political endorsements for the ’06 elections.

Incumbent Democrats, no surprise there, get the majority of the papers’ endorsements. In the governor’s race, the paper chooses Kinky Friedman – which is another way of saying they endorse a vote against Rick Perry. The paper assures us that Kinky will not win, but the “protest” vote will surely shake up the powers that be in Austin.

Well, it’s comforting to see that they know Kinky won’t beat Governor Perry, but it speaks to the bias and left-wing values of the paper’s editorial board that they would even issue a protest endorsement in the first place.

In the statewide race for Land Commissioner, the incumbent Republican is former State Senator Jerry Patterson. When he was Senator, Jerry Patterson represented Galveston County in the Senate and he has been an effective and aggressive Land Commissioner for Texas. Under his leadership, the Texas General Land Office has earned over $1.35 billion dollars for the Permanent School Fund (PSF), has improved transparency by web casting every GLO meeting, and has signed the first and the largest lease in the U.S. for offshore wind energy. Patterson is an Aggie who retired from the Marine Corp as a Lieutenant Colonel. His democrat opponent’s claim to fame is that she was the first female elected County Attorney in Hopkins County. As an example, there are twice as many people living in League City than there are in all of Hopkins County, but does that matter to the Daily News?? NOOOOOOOO.

The Daily News chose not to endorse in the Land Commissioner race because “we can’t give passing marks to the incumbent, but can’t recommend with enthusiasm a challenger”.

Can’t give the incumbent passing marks?? Jerry Patterson is the most innovative Land Commissioner in 100 years, he has earned more money than any Land Commissioner ever has for the PSF, but you can’t give him passing marks? Excuse me, but your Liberal Bias is showing.

In local elections the Daily News throws Republicans some crumbs and endorses a few Republican candidates. But these were no-brainers. Republican County Treasurer Kevin Walsh is running for re-election – he is a CPA with more than 13 years of financial experience and has earned taxpayer’s more than $17 million dollars in interest over the past 4 years. He was the obvious choice over his opponent, a former Galveston city council woman with no financial background. Ray Charles could have seen that one.

Republican challenger Barbara Meeks is also the obvious choice in the County Clerk race. She has 25 years of proven business, political, and leadership experience to bring to the clerk’s office and a passion for ballot integrity that is severely lacking in her Democrat opponent.

In the race for District Attorney, Republican challenger Jon Hall won the nod. A law and order conservative who is a Deputy Staff Judge Advocate holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, in addition to a prosecutor in Brazoria County, Jon says the office needs a leader not just a lawyer. The Daily News said it best, “For too long, Texas has been a one-party state. For more than a century, the Democratic Party ruled.”, they continued “we think it’s time for some new ideas and new energy in this [the District Attorneys] office.”

But in the open seat for County Commissioner Precinct 2 where there is no incumbent, on-the-job experience cannot be a factor, and the Democrats are desperately trying to hold on to a seat they have held for more than 100 years--the GDN endorsed Democrat candidate Bryan Lamb. This is the same Bryan Lamb who has an Associates degree compared to Republican Albert Choate’s Masters degree. The same Bryan Lamb with three years of elective office experience compared to more than fifteen years for Albert Choate. The same Bryan Lamb who claims to be in favor of lower taxes compared to Albert Choate who has actually cut your taxes, twice, saving taxpayers millions of dollars in construction costs.

And in the category of The-Most-Underwhelming-Reason-I’ve-Ever-Heard-Of-To-Endorse-A-Candidate, they endorsed Lamb because----DRUM ROLL PLEASE----he attended every Commissioners Court meeting for the past 4 years.

So I guess in the Liberal Mindset, if someone goes to a restaurant everyday and eats a pork chop, that prepares him by osmosis to be a chef or if a person attends a concert everyday that prepares him magically to be a classical pianist, or if a person goes to see the Astros every game that is adequate preparation to manage the team.

WHAT??? Only in that peculiar alternative universe called the Mind of a Liberal does attendance equal competence.

Are you kidding me!! Kinky Friedman? Bryan Lamb? Not Endorsing Jerry Patterson? Does this sound like they share your conservative values??

It’s sad, but all too common, that the editors of the Galveston County Daily News don’t know what the conservative mainstream values of Galveston County‘s voters really are.

Tell them you want more than crumbs and vote a straight Republican ticket in November.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yet another reason why friends don't let friends vote for Democrats

On the eve of Early Voting, it's important to understand what's at stake if the Republicans lose the House.

If the Republicans lose the House, Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House and the third person in line for the Presidency.

Nancy's pick for Judiciary Chair, John Conyers, has already introduced a resolution to censure President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Conyers has also requested s Select Committee to investigate impeaching the President.

And as if that wasn't enough, this gem from one of our friends on the left, Half Empty, blogging about Democrat Nick Lampson,
Up sprang Nick Lampson. Nick gave his best impression of “God be with you” in Arabic, and got the traditional “And also with you” reply. He mentioned his visits to mosques, and visits to Muslim homes during Ramadan, He emphasized his immigrant roots. In short, Nick was very much one of them. Then he fell into his “Education is important to me” story about his sister who came down with polio as a child. If you haven’t heard it, get him to tell it to you. It’s a pretty good story.

Vote a straight Republican ticket and write in Sekula Gibbs for CD 22.

We can't afford to put Nick Lampson back in Congress.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Democrat Hypocrisy about Sex Scandals

First off, let me say that former Congressman Mark Foley’s conduct was reprehensible. I agree with Dr. Rick Scarborough who said, "Resignation isn’t enough — not by a long-shot. This sexual predator should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

But the left’s hypocrisy here is staggering. Mark Foley is a corrupt individual who tried to seduce adolescent boys. The following article from sums it up nicely.

While they react with fury over the scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley, Democrats maintain a discreet silence over the numerous sex scandals that have rocked their own party.

And unlike Republican scandals like Foley's, where shame and resignation were the outcome, the Democrats' shameful behavior were either blithely ignored or jocularly accepted.

For example, former Chicago Democratic Congressman Mel Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud and lies to the Federal Election Commission. He also was convicted of having sex with an underage campaign volunteer. But Jesse Jackson added Reynolds to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's payroll.

As Deroy Murdock, a columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, wrote back in 2002: "This is a first in American politics: A [democrat] ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate, won clemency from a [democrat] president who had sex with a subordinate, then was hired by a [democrat] clergyman who had sex with a subordinate.

More notorious was the case of Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., In 1989, male prostitute Stephen L. Gobie admitted that Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., knew that Gobie had operated a prostitution service out of Frank's Capitol Hill apartment. Frank, an openly gay member of Congress, confirmed that he had Gobie as a roommate in his apartment. Frank said he fired Gobie when he learned that clients were visiting his apartment.

Was Frank told by the Democratic leadership to resign his seat as Foley was forced to do?

Not at all. That was 17 years ago, and he is still a member of Congress, a respected member of the Democratic minority and is slated to assume the chairmanship of a key House committee should the Democrats recapture control of the House.

When former Rep. Gerry Studds admitted having sex with a teenage page, nobody in the Democratic leadership demanded he resign, nor did he offer to resign. He had a joint press conference with the boy and bragged about their affair. He was renominated by the Democrats and re-elected six times before retiring.

As Rush Limbaugh noted Monday, "The truth is that the people on the left who are acting all outraged and stunned and angry, they don't see what Clinton or Barney Frank or Gerry Studds did as repugnant. In fact, they view those things as private matters that didn't affect anybody's work, and it's nobody's business what somebody does with their private life, particularly when it comes to sex."

Unless it involves a Republican. Then it's a matter of outrage and hypocrisy.

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