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Saturday, April 08, 2006

League City - Victory Lakes median issue / Future Westside Development Workshop on City Council Agenda, Tuesday April 11th at 5p

I just checked the city's website and lo and behold the Victory Lakes median is back on the agenda.

Councilman Tidwell has two items posted. One item is to rescind the council's decision two weeks ago to require a traffic study and workshop before deciding about the median.

The other is an action item (an up or down vote) on an agreement between Lowe's and League City, requested by Lowe's, to guarantee that the city will not close the median.

Lowe's has indicated that if the city does not agree to keep the median open, they will not build at the Victory Lakes site; taking the projected $500,000 in sales tax revenue, plus the projected $1.4 million in sales tax revenue of the stores that plan to locate next to Lowe's, out of the city's coffers.

My hope is that the council has come to a fuller understanding in the past two weeks about the desires of the citizens of League City.

The vast majority of the citizens I have spoken with in the past few weeks want quality commercial development like Lowe's (and the Target/Home Depot center that is being planned for the land across FM 646 from Wal-mart) and they think the ideal place for the Lowe's is on the IH 45 freeway corridor at FM 646.

Council should reverse its decision and enter into an agreement with Lowe's that allows for the median to stay open. But Lowe's should also agree that if a traffic survey indicates the need for dedicated turn lanes into and out of the Lowe's property, or another traffic signal, that Lowe's bears the cost of those traffic safety measures.

In the words of the immortal Dr. Spock in Star Trek II the movie, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ..... or the one."

If you want to voice your opinion on this issue, you should be at the council chambers by 5:50p so you can sign the register at the front indicating your desire to be heard. Any resident may make speak to the council.

There is also a public workshop about future westside development that will be held at 5:00p before the City Council meeting. All of the major developers in the city will be in attendance.

Good for Mr. Tidwell and everyone elso who follows.
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