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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hallisey blasts Enrique de Leon. Claims de Leon has no integrity; demands de Leon explain himself to the parishioners at St. Mary's church

4/26 UPDATE: LC Councilman Jim Nelson throws his support behind Cones:

4/24 UPDATE: Now Cones' wife adds her voice to the fray:

The extreme left in League City are coming out in force against conservative city council candidate Enrique de Leon in his race against incumbent Councilman Thomas Cones, just as they have come out against conservative candidate Mike Lee.

It seems as if long time League City Democrat Precinct Chair Chris Mallios has never met a conservative candidate he didn't oppose.

First, former Mayor Pat Hallisey penned the following missive posted on Guidry News:

A little story about Enrique De Leon, Candidate for League City Council. I had a short conversation with this person the other night at the Candidates forum. It is factual that Mr. Deleon in his effort to get elected to the League City Council thought it was important to see how much havoc he could cause Councilman Thomas Cones by filing a bogus complaint about him at work in Houston.

Why I said? His answer was "now is not the time" Well now is the time. Now I have very strong feelings about Public Service and what that it is about. I am absolutely sure it does not have a thing to do with trying to cost anyone the ability to feed their families. In fact, as Mr. De Leon spouts his conservative, accountable and integrity slogans, I want him to explain what attacking someone at work about League City Politics has to do with his being conservative, accountable or his integrity of which I see there is a lack of.

Here we go again another mindless candidate, who only knows how to tell you what's wrong with everyone else. Are we ever going to hear anything new like "HEY IM FOR DOING SOMETHING FOR YOU THE CITIZENS", rather than constantly telling us what is wrong with everyone else.

Enrique De Leon has no integrity and is only accountable to his handlers. What an absolute disappointment and embarrassment Enrique Deleon is! We go to Church together and the next time he is there maybe he can explain to all at St. Mary's what his interest is in Public Service and why trying to cost Thomas Cones his job is important to League City's future?

Pat Hallisey

and then, on the same day, Chris "I only obsess about Republican consultants because the Democrats have no ideas" Mallios posts the following gem on Guidry as well:

Good afternoon Mr. G,

I find it amusing yet sad, very sad that Mr. De Leon and his paid consultant feel they must attack Council Member Cones instead of telling us what Mr. De Leon has done for our city.

What city boards and commissions he has served on? None. No service to our city, attack answers to all questions and of course the divide "brand as a liberal" and conquer technique that worked well last year; this is what our city election has come to?

We have one candidate out waving a sign at the corner of 270 and 518 every morning and another one that has no ideas and no solutions, only attacks! And that makes 'em qualified? Oh, dios mio.

Chris John Mallios

Is it me, or does anybody else see a pattern here of the Democrat strategy of the politics of personal destruction? Hallisey and Cones both endorsed Democrat Bryan Lamb for County Commissioner Precinct Two.

Conservatives in League City should take note of the temperment and the tone of these letters and the sentiment behind their endorsements and vote accordingly on May 1st.

Onzelo it’s just you ….
Personal destruction? Please explain. Have you read Mr. de Leon’s letter? Or did you write it? What about Mr. de Leon’s actions. Give me a break. Nobody is buying the labels of conservative and liberals this year Onzelo. Try selling it somewhere else. It’s about the best qualified to serve our city. One last time real slow It’s About the CITY, Not money, not influence and not power.

Chris John Mallios

It may take some time to explain the Democrat failed strategy to you, so we can visit in the summer over a pork chop.

I have read Mr. de Leon's letter although I did not write it as Mr. lee is the Markum Group candidate in this race.

What about Mr. de Leon's actions upsets you, other than he is a conservative, running against Cones?

I am not selling anything, but if you look at my blog survey, you'll find that over 70% of the people who read this blog think knowing whether a person is a conservative or a moderate or even a liberal is a relevant voting factor.

I grant you, the liberals may not be buying it, but it appears based on the last few election cycles that everyone else is.

I agree that it's about the best qualified to serve our city, but I am not naive enough to think that politics is not about money and power.

Maybe it shouldn't be; but it is what it is.
Ahhhh you handsome devil you,

We all know that is what partisan politics is all about however a municipal election should not be. That is what is disturbing about your type of politics. Money and power have their place, look where it left your best friend Mr. Delay, But League City politics is not the place. League City first ! Very telling that you said the liberals ain’t buying it but everyone else is. So if you can convince everyone that it will snow in June I guess they will all buy your “special summer snow remover”? I for one do not believe that such greed for money and power should invade a municipal election. I know the candidates that I voted for did not feel that way. Are you saying that all Markum group candidates feel that way?

Nice try on the spin but you wont be able to spin your friend Chris Stevens or Jerry Shults. We all await Stevens response to the allegations that have been made. Most of us already know.

I am a disappointed moderate Republican and your brand of politics is not what we need including Shults dishonesty to voters over developer money.....

Which "spin" are you talking about?? My comments to Mallios above come straight from my blog survey. Most people who took it(75% or so)think knowing whether you are conservative or not is relative. I do as well by the way.

What have I "spun" about Shults? You show me one thing I said or Shults said or wrote about not taking developer money and I'll buy you a pork chop.

or I'll debate the issue, live, on Anything League City, with you or Mallios - anytime.

We said last year that the devlopers gave more money ( a lot more) to Hallisey, et. al than they did to us. Period.

That's a fact. No spin required.

We let the voters decide whether that was relevant or not. Some did, some didn't, but in my humble opinion,the mayors race was about leadership, not developer money.
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