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Friday, December 29, 2006

BREAKING NEWS - Saddam Hangs for War Crimes

The Toronto Star is reporting that Saddam Hussein was hanged 30 minutes ago for war crimes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


"President Ford was a calming, dignified voice of leadership during a turbulent time in the history of our country. His tenure as President was extraordinary and his lifetime of public service to our country in the United States Navy and in Congress was admirable and worthy of the respect of all Americans. "

"Today our country mourns the loss of the 38th President of the United States. I extend my sympathy to his family and loved ones. Gerald Ford's long career was dedicated to public service, and his Presidency and many years in Congress are a testament to that service. We're grateful to President Ford for his calming voice that brought unity during a difficult period in our nation's history"

"I join all Americans in mourning the passing of a great man and a fine president. At a time America needed it most, Gerald Ford gave us a steady hand and helped restore faith in our system of government. We are a stronger nation thanks to President Ford's service. President Ford's dedication and devotion to public service has long been an inspiration to all Americans and I believe will be his greatest legacy to future generations. "

"President Gerald Ford led our nation with great humility and courage during a very trying time in our history. His commitment to public service and love of this country was an example for all. His leadership will be missed"

chairman of the
Republican Party of Texas

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Update on Four Angels Clothing Drive by the League City Police Officers Association

The outpouring of support for the four little girls in League City has been impressive. The League City Police Officers Association was able to deliver a U-haul truck full of clothes, toys, and food to the foster family so the girls would have a Christmas to remember.

The picture shows just some of the toys and clothes that were donated by more than 100 people. Now that Christmas is over, the LCPOA has setup an account for the girls at Moody National Bank. We have raised over $1,500 to date; additional donations can be made to:
The Four Angels in care of the League City Police Officers Association, Moody National Bank, South Shore Harbour, 2901 South Shore, League City. Account No. 3030003689
The LCPOA also encourages people to continue the spirit of help and giving by making donations to their local shelters or to the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County: 409-763-1441 x 108 (Linda Telfah) or 888-919-7233.

To all who have assisted us through donations and publicizing this story, thank you and have a happy and safe holiday season – you have renewed our confidence in the human spirit.

Sgt. Dan Krieger
Officer Sean Arena

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The League City Police Officers Association is collecting clothes and toys for 4 abandoned League City girls - Please Give

I tend to not make solicitations, but this is a special case in League City.

In the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 25, we read the great story of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He lists a number of things that we should be doing. As one example, He says I was hungry and you fed me. People said when did we see you hungry and feed you or did not feed you? Jesus was quick to answer, “When you do it for the least among you, you do it for me.”

These four girls are the least among us and they need our help. I am asking my readers to donate what they can.

You can contact me at: or drop off your donated clothes/toys at the League City Police Department.

Thank you.


LEAGUE CITY, TX – On December 20, 2006, at 8:10 a.m., League City Police Officers and Paramedics were dispatched to the 400 block of Perkins Avenue in reference to two young girls walking around in the street naked – one of the children was reportedly bleeding from the hand. Officers arrived and found that a Good Samaritan had provided the children with diapers and t-shirts prior to the officer’s arrival. The girls, ages 1 and 2, were examined by EMS. The 2 y/o was treated for a small cut on her finger, but no other injuries were found.

Approximately 45 minutes later, League City Officers located the apartment where the children lived and found the house to be filthy and unsafe. The girls’ mother and grandmother were both inside the apartment sleeping. Two more girls, ages 7 years and 6 months, were also living in the apartment. A criminal investigation into the endangerment of these children is pending.

Due to the unsafe living conditions and the lack of child care, officers contacted Child Protective Services. They responded to the League City Police Department and placed all four of the girls with a foster family. The League City Police Officers Association has begun collecting money and clothes for these children. We are seeking any additional clothes, toys, or child care products for the children and foster family. Persons wishing to make donations are encouraged to drop items by the League City Police Department Dispatch at 500 W. Walker Street, League City, TX 77573. For questions about the donations, please contact LCPOA President Officer Sean Arena at 281-332-2566 x. 885.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

TMR Endorses Randy Weber in HD 29 Special Election on Tuesday December 19th

Believe it or not, there is still one Texas House race left this year and conservatives in Brazoria and Matagorda county have a chance to get a jump on the '08 primary season and send a real conservative to the Texas House. The polls are open on Tuesday, December 19th, from 7a - 7p.

Randy Weber is a well-known and long-time conservative who has been active in Republican Party politics for years. He was a leader in his caucus at the RPT convention this past summer and I can tell you that he is well respected and well regarded by conservative activists. Randy is a former Pearland City Council member and currently owns his own small business so he has first hand knowledge of why smaller government with lower taxes helps grow our economy.

Randy is running for State Representative in the seat formerly held by long-time State Representative Glenda Dawson who passed away recently. Randy's been endorsed by the people and groups you know and trust like US Congressman Ron Paul, State Representative Robert Talton, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum and the Texas Alliance for Life.

Because it's a Special Election, Tuesday's election is open to all candidates who filed by the deadline. There are four candidates including two other Republicans and one Democrat. If no one gets 50% +1 votes, there will be a runoff in January.

It is vitally important that conservative Republicans pull together and elect and solid conservative to the Texas House. We can not let the Democrats slide in under the radar and put a Democrat in a Republican seat like they did in CD 22 with Nick Lampson.

HD 29 is a Republican District and Randy Weber has earned the chance to keep it Republican.

It's time to require Voter ID in Texas

My hope is that the 80th Legislature learns some lessons from the mid-terms and returns to its conservative roots. Conservatives need to be given a reason to back the Republican party in '08 and the '07 session will be a test.

Have Republicans learned a lesson about veering off the conservative path, or will they embrace the limited government, reduced spending conservatism that won us the US House in 1994??

Towards that end, I'll spotlight from time to time bills in the next Texas legislative session that get it right. These are issues that are worthy of your support and you should encourage your state reps and State Senators to get on board.

State Rep Betty Brown has filed a bill, H.B. 218, that would require voter ID.

Seems simple enough; if you show up to vote, bring a picture ID.

Our far left friends insist there is something nefarious about asking for an ID to vote. Jesse Jackson (and Chris Mallios in League City for that matter) would be screaming that requiring an ID is voter intimidation.

But is it really? In 2006 you need an ID card to drive, to open a bank account, to use the library, and a host of other routine, but much less important civic duties than voting.

What are the liberals so afraid of??

With a majority in the Texas legislature, the grassroots will be watching to see if the Republican leadership can deliver.

This is an issue that conservatives should get behind. It will cut down on voter fraud and improve the integrity of the ballot box.

Now why wouldn't Democrats want that??

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