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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't worry League City, I'm from LULAC and I'm here to help.

In the never ending fight to turn back the rising tide of liberalism, we must be ever vigilant to stand up to the scourge of the Race Industry and fight back their transparent attempts to inject race into situations as a tactic to enflame emotions because they are unable, unwilling, or incapable of winning the battle of ideas with logic, the facts, or rational argument.

In Texas, the League of United Latin American Citizens ( LULAC ) is a shining light of the Race Industry, no less media hungry than Jesse Jackson and Operation Push or the ever present Quannel-I'm-from-the-hood-but-I-live-in Pearland-X.

Always quick to propose a race-based solution to a problem that doesn't exist, and just as quick to extort money from those woeful companies or cities that don't drink their politically correct, multicultural Kool-Aid.

Whether its the demand by outraged voters secure our borders from the invasion of illegal immigrants, to the outlandish desire for the US to adopt English as the official language of our great nation, LULAC and their merry band of race-thinking liberals can be counted on to play the race card as loudly as a drum.

Case in point? In a story from today's Galveston Daily News, LULAC clumsily plays the race/ethnic card in League City by threatening to sue League City if the city doesn't create a "minority voting district "because the Charter Review Committee voted not to recommend single member districts.

When LULAC comes to council to threaten a law suit, the council should provide a succinct response: Bring It.

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