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Thursday, August 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS - State Representative Mike O'Day (R-Pearland) Reportedly To Resign

This was just posted by Chris Elam over at Texas Safety Forum. If it turns out to be true there could be yet another special election to fill the late State Representative Glenda Dawson's seat.

Word out of Austin is that Pearland State Representative Mike O'Day will be resigning his HD29 seat by the end of this week. Dogged by rumors and reports of misconduct and inappropriate behavior (“ungentlemanly personal conduct” as reported by Paul Burka on his blog) during the recent legislative session, the buzz is that O'Day will step down from the seat to save face.

HD29 is a safe Republican seat stretching from Pearland in Brazoria County through western Brazoria County and encompassing all of Matagorda County. Pearland business owner Randy Weber finished second in a runoff to O'Day in January's special election, and would be the prohibitive favorite in another special election. Should the scenario unfold, it would be interesting to see whether or not Weber feels the desire to endure another campaign... that choice will be posed from a number of community and state leaders during the next few days if my sources are correct.

Craig Goldman is a lifelong Republican and Ft. Worth businessman with a track record of working to elect Republicans. Craig Goldman has the background, experience, and conservative philosophy needed to effectively represent us in Austin.

Craig Goldman worked with his political mentor, former Texas Senator Phil Gramm, for five years. Goldman has been endorsed by Congressman Jeb Hensarling, who has emerged as a national conservative leader in fighting government waste.

In endorsing Craig, Hensarling said "Craig Goldman will be a strong voice for conservative principles, and he will bring energy and passion to the fight for less government and lower taxes."

Craig Goldman will work to secure our borders, fight government waste, lower property taxes, improve our schools, implement property appraisal reform, return more of the taxpayer's money back to them, and stand for conservative Republican values.

Here is a link to Craig Goldman's Web site,
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