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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Only in the Mind of a Texas Liberal

In an amazing display of liberalism run amuck, State Representative Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) has filed a bill to allow groups to distribute condoms to inmates in Texas prisons and State Jails. Condoms. As in to have sex with. In prison.

MEMO TO COLEMAN - Consensual sex between inmates is not allowed in Texas Prisons.

and just in case you weren't sure that Coleman is a Liberal, under his bill you can't use the condoms as evidence of a crime. So if an inmate is raped using one of the condoms that he has been given for free, the condom can't be used as evidence against him.

Only in the Mind of a Texas Liberal would this kind of law even be considered. Contact your own state rep and ask them to vote this bill down.
80R4972 HLT-D

By: Coleman H.B. No. 1068

relating to distribution of condoms to inmates and state jail defendants confined in facilities operated by or under contract with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
SECTION 1. Subchapter B, Chapter 501, Government Code, is amended by adding Section 501.0541 to read as follows:
Sec. 501.0541. DISTRIBUTION OF CONDOMS TO INMATES AND STATE JAIL DEFENDANTS. (a) The department shall adopt a policy that:
(1) allows any nonprofit or public health care agency to distribute condoms to inmates and state jail defendants confined in facilities operated by or under contract with the department; and
(2) provides for the disposal of used condoms in a manner that protects:
(A) the anonymity of inmates and state jail defendants; and
(B) the health of department employees, inmates, and state jail defendants.
(b) Possession of a condom distributed in accordance with the policy adopted under Subsection (a) may not be used as evidence of illegal activity for purposes of administrative sanctions against an inmate or state jail defendant.
SECTION 2. This Act takes effect immediately if it receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution. If this Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this Act takes effect September 1, 2007.

I'm not sure the "liberal" label is relevant here.
* Is it liberal to want to reduce the cost of health care in the Texas prison system?
* This idea actually came from the CDC, not a Texas liberal.( see cite here ).

Regarding the use of condoms of evidence, this language is necessary to give a credible commitment to encourage condom use. Consider prisoner A, who is about to get raped by prisoner B. If prisoner B is going to get raped anyways, does prisoner B want prisoner A to use a condom? Probably. Will prisoner A if he knows he is creating evidence of a crime? no. Will prisoner A if he otherwise? possibly.

There is a reasonable argument that if prisoner A doesn't think he has HIV, he would be more likely to rape someone else if he can use a condom to reduce the chance of his exposure. That is part of the trade off the legislature will have to determine. But in evaluating that trade off, they should consider the CDC reports that 72% of prisoner sex is consensual, and consider whether a prisoner contimplating raping others is more likely to be transmitting HIV or receiving it

This is a difficult matter to consider at an arms length, but a response that this is a "liberal" (and therefore bad bill) doesn't do the debate justice.

this is sick

The CDC may have originated the idea, but only a Texas legislator has the ability to make it a Texas law and that, as always, is the threat.

The reason why it's a bad idea is that sex in prison, consensual or otherwise, is (and should rightly be) not allowed.

By providing state-issued condoms you tacitly approve and expressly condone illegal and inappropriate behavior.

Kind of like when you try to give amnesty to people to enter the country illegally.

Once the laws change and prisons allow conjugal visits between inmates, then this discussion would be relevant (wrong, but relevant), but until then I think it sends the wrong message.

It is not liberal to want to reduce the cost of healthcare, any fiscal conservative would be in favor of that, but it is liberal in my opinion to enable inappropriate/illegal behavior under the guise of helping those who are unable or unwilling to control their own behaviors.

It's kind of like needle exchange. To a liberal the issue is that clean needles are a solution that helps save the lives of people addicted to drugs.

How about not doing drugs as a solution.
did this bill get passed?
did this bill get passed?
did this bill get passed?

Thankfully, this bill was left pending in committee and did not pass.
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