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Sunday, February 18, 2007

League City City Council races begin to heat up

2/20 update - Councilman Jim Nelson has filed in the position 7 race.

2/22 update - Timothy Tibai has filed in the position 6 race and Rick Wade, City Attorney Arnold Polanco, and Pat Hallisey have picked up candidate packets.

In anticipation of the May 12th municipal elections, the political jockeying for the two City Council seats that are up for grabs has begun.

In the position #6 seat, the recently retired, highly regarded, and long time Clear Creek HS basket ball coach Buddy Carlisle has thrown his hat into the ring for the seat being vacated by Councilman Jon Keeney. Many of you know the Coach from his recent stint as a co-host with Mr. Mallios on Door to Door League City. If you don't know him, you can go to his website at: for more information.

Tim Paulissen who ran for Council in 2005 and 2006 has filed for the position #6 seat.

In the position #7 seat, currently held by Councilman Jim Nelson, local Realtor, and former Lion's Club president Lisa Howard has tossed her hat into the ring saying she wants to be an independent voice for progress. For more information on her campaign, you can go to: Councilman J. Nelson has not filed for reelection as of today, but I understand from Mr. Mallios that it is anticipated that he will.

And, several individuals have picked up candidate packets including:

Jamie deFabio from Hole in the Wall Antique Shop

There is also a rumor that Rick Wade, the host of the League City Business Journal internet radio show, is considering a run for council as well, but Rick says that he is only "thinking" about it at this time.

And, League City Democrat activist Chris Mallios, crushing the hopes and dreams of far left extreme bloggers and mayoral obstructionists all over the city, unable or unwilling to walk the walk that goes with his brash talk, confirmed that he is not going to run for council this time. It appears as if he's been relegated to yet another year of lobbing ineffective conspiratorial delusions from the sidelines. Maybe we'll see him next year in the mayoral election.

Time, as always, will tell, but the filing deadline is not until March 12th.

And in the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Carlisle and Mrs. Howard are clients of The Markum Group.

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