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Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's time to require Voter ID in Texas

My hope is that the 80th Legislature learns some lessons from the mid-terms and returns to its conservative roots. Conservatives need to be given a reason to back the Republican party in '08 and the '07 session will be a test.

Have Republicans learned a lesson about veering off the conservative path, or will they embrace the limited government, reduced spending conservatism that won us the US House in 1994??

Towards that end, I'll spotlight from time to time bills in the next Texas legislative session that get it right. These are issues that are worthy of your support and you should encourage your state reps and State Senators to get on board.

State Rep Betty Brown has filed a bill, H.B. 218, that would require voter ID.

Seems simple enough; if you show up to vote, bring a picture ID.

Our far left friends insist there is something nefarious about asking for an ID to vote. Jesse Jackson (and Chris Mallios in League City for that matter) would be screaming that requiring an ID is voter intimidation.

But is it really? In 2006 you need an ID card to drive, to open a bank account, to use the library, and a host of other routine, but much less important civic duties than voting.

What are the liberals so afraid of??

With a majority in the Texas legislature, the grassroots will be watching to see if the Republican leadership can deliver.

This is an issue that conservatives should get behind. It will cut down on voter fraud and improve the integrity of the ballot box.

Now why wouldn't Democrats want that??

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