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Monday, October 30, 2006

Why the Democrats will not take the US House

Just so our liberal friends don't think it's just me who thinks they won't capture the House or the Senate, here is a piece by Doug Patton on that very subject.

Clearly, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Democrats have no hope, no agenda, and no chance to capture the 15 seats they need to take the House.

You have got to be kidding .. That is it ? That is all that you have to support your erroneous wishful thinking claim? What about the different polls? Can’t you find just one national poll to support your claim? What about you buddy Fox News? Even they are claiming a democratic victory for the house. I guess you will say that fox news is in the hands of the Democrats now.

My friend spin, spit and whine all you wish but the fact is you will be watching me eat ANOTHER of your pork chops.
Todays Wall Street Journal 11/1/06

"But as Mr. Bush's party fights to retain control of both houses of Congress, the violence in Baghdad in recent weeks has further darkened Americans' mood about Iraq -- the issue voters say is most important in their election decision-making. The result: Voters want Democrats, rather than Republicans, to control Congress by 52% to 37%, a 15-point margin. The spread matches the widest ever recorded on this question in a Journal/NBC poll."
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