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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tom Delay says he'll serve if he is forced to stay on the ballot and wins

Many of you may not know that a small part of League City is in Tom Delay's district, so the CD 22 saga has direct bearing on us.

The following article from the Dallas Morning News confirms the worst fears of the Dems. As I have stated on the show before, if Tom Delay is forced to stay on the ballot, then he runs. And if he runs he wins.

Now, according to Tom, if he wins, he'll stay and serve out his term.

CD 22 Dems - Be careful what you wish for....

Mr. DeLay now says that if he's forced to remain the nominee against Democrat Nick Lampson, and manages to win, he'll return to Congress.

The former House majority leader, under indictment on state campaign money laundering charges in Austin, resigned his suburban Houston seat after winning re-nomination in the March GOP primary.

He then declared himself a Virginia resident and cast a Virginia ballot to cement the move, which, if acknowledged by the courts, would make him ineligible to remain on the Texas congressional ballot. That, in turn, would let Texas GOP leaders pick a replacement with less political and legal baggage.

Texas Republicans expect Mr. DeLay to mount an aggressive campaign if the appeals court forces him to stay on the ballot. And there's irony in the fact that Democrats, who fought so hard to rout him from Congress, are fighting so hard to keep him on the ballot.

"I could be the only man in America that is forced to run when I don't want to run," Mr. DeLay said last week on Fox News.

And if he is forced to stay on the ballot, and manages to collect more votes than Mr. Lampson?

"I guess I'll have to serve," he said.

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