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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The plot thickens... League City's liberal blog off the air. Has anybody seen YBL??

7/17 - Update 1: Max was kind enough to inform me that the YBL and League City Politics blogs are back up after being down temporarily, so Mallios won't have to go through withdrawal.

The new links are as follows:
League City Politics

Update 2: League City Biz has launched a new blog as well at: - stop by and leave a comment. Jimmy needs the work.

Marc Edelman has been wondering where has gone. The unabashedly liberal League City blog with the anti-Shults and anti-Markum focus has gone dark.

As a service to our liberal readers, you can post here until your YBL issues are resolved and you can even continue to debate the failed strategy of the Democrat party or the latest attempted power grab by your favorite council people, but there will be no personal attacks allowed.

If anyone knows the real story, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

Well truthfully, has plenty of righty people who post there too. Some of them have not been kind either. So in all fairness, both sides can dish out unkind words well. For the most part, honest debate was always encouraged. No matter where both sides meet, I have a feeling it can become heated.
The anonymous host (Mr. Max Kelly) of YouveBeenLeft.Net had previously mentioned he would soon be moving from our community. He had also indicated that the core blog would be focusing on the politics surrounding his new community. He was kind enough to create a spin-off site that would stay dedicated to League City politics. Perhaps he is redeveloping or retrofitting the site for its new primary focus. When it comes back it might not be focused on League City. Just a guess.
I just forgot to pay the bills. Unlike the Bush administration, I'm not allowed to spend money I don't have.
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