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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hutchison and Dewhurst wrong on illegal immigration

If you haven't read this article yet from the Austin American Statesman, you should. It came to us from our friend Cathie Adams at Texas Eagle Forum.

As I have said before, until we secure the borders amnesty of any kind should be off the table. If Hutchison and Dewhurst think this is the way to win conservative votes for a 2010 race for Governor, they're both wrong.

Selby: Dewhurst, Hutchison speak out on immigration

Possible future foes stake out stands in San Antonio, Washington.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just when summer seemed sleepy, two Texas Republican heavyweights aired fresh stands on the simmering issue of illegal immigration. Coincidentally, David Dewhurst and Kay Bailey Hutchison both seek re-election and might fence for governor in 2010.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst huddled privately this month with folks connected to the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He reportedly said: "I don't see why we don't give all 12 million (illegal) immigrants worker permits after they step forward. Of course, they have to get registered so we can know who they are."

A chamber leader, Ed Riojas, confirmed the wording, which became public in an e-mail blast this week from GOP activist Joe Solis. Riojas, a credit union executive, said Dewhurst stressed the need to identify immigrants so they can pay taxes.

A.J. Rodriguez, chamber president, didn't recall the remark but said the lite guv "understands the need for the immigrant work force here." Dewhurst also supported development of tamper-proof ID cards that hold key information for all U.S. residents.

Solis said Dewhurst would never have suggested work permits for immigrants at the June GOP state convention in San Antonio, where border security was Ouchy Topic A. "That would NEVER happen in a 1,000 years," Solis wrote. "That would be the end of his political career."

Balderdash, Dewhurst said Wednesday, stressing that like other conservatives, he opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, but believes that it's probably impractical and inadvisable to deport law-abiding workers, who should have shots at seeking temporary worker permits once U.S. borders are secure. At the GOP convention, Dewhurst did not dwell on immigration, focusing on changes in school and tax laws. He suggested this week that if he had waxed on immigration, he would have received as loud or louder applause than others who hammered on the border.

U.S. Sen. Hutchison this week pitched a proposal she cobbled with U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., to start a temporary worker program and establish a 17-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants once borders are secure. Privately run "Ellis Island" centers would screen applicants once they had self-deported themselves to countries of origin.

"We owe it to our country to solve this issue," Hutchison said.

Hutchison's Democratic opponent, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, called Hutchison's offering wacky and unworkable. "Just puffing; she did it for attention," Radnofsky said. "A sad grandstand."

Partisans are mindful. Cathie Adams of the conservative Texas Eagle Forum, focused on securing U.S. borders, said Dewhurst and Hutchison seem to speak for corporations. "What we are up against is the taxpaying citizen versus the elites who are only looking out for the cost of doing their own business at the expense of mom-and-pop taxpayers," Adams said. "This is hurting. I'm sorry that maybe our voices haven't been loud or clear enough. . . . If Dewhurst and Hutchison are at the same place on this, it's bad news."; 445-3644

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