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Friday, June 30, 2006

Harris County GOP takes the First Step to Replace Tom Delay on the November Ballot

In a festive atmosphere yesterday in Judge Louie Ditta's courtroom, the Harris County GOP took the first step towards placing a Republican nominee on the ballot in November.

Long-time party activist and SREC District 11 Committeewoman Kathy Haigler was overwhelmingly selected by her fellow Harris County CD 22 Precinct Chairs to represent Harris County on the CD 22 District Executive Committee.

Taking her historic responsibility seriously, Haigler immediately went to work, explaining that her plan was to give every CD 22 Chair in Harris County a ballot so they could express their first, second, and third choice for the selectee.

Haigler wants to be ready when Republican Party of Texas Chair Tina Benkiser calls the District Executive Committee together in the next few weeks to replace Delay on the ballot.

Galveston, Brazoria, and Ft. Bend have their CD 22 Executive Committee meetings scheduled next week, so all four members of the CD 22 District Executive Committee should be chosen by the July 7th. All of the meetings are open meetings, so if you want to see democracy in action, plan to attend your local meeting.

Although they were not able to address the precinct chairs, several candidates were in attendance, including: Shelly Sekula-Gibbs, Charlie Howard, David Wallace, Robert Talton, Tom Campbell, Tim Turner, and Andy Meyers.

The meeting was run very smoothly by Harris County GOP Chairman Jared Woodfill who beat back one attempt from the floor to overrule Jared's decision not to allow the agenda to be amended from the floor.

RPT Chair Tina Benkiser and Vice-Chairman Dr. Robin Armstrong were also in attendance as was RPT Parliamentarian Butch Davis.

Was that you I recognized wandering around the room? If so, I was the individual who sought to overrule Jared -- who knew it was coming because the attempt to amend the agenda and the motion to overrule had been pre-arranged with him out of respect for both him and the process -- when we attempted to add to the meeting exactly the sort of straw poll that Kathy did after the meeting.

And by the way -- even though I was one of the dissenters, Kathy has my full support. It was never about personalities, merely procedures. And I can tell you that her opponent, Steve Williams, has stated that he unquestionably supports Kathy going as the process moves forward from here.

That was me buddy; next time grab me and introduce yourself.

Robin Armstrong is one of my clients so I was coordinating some activities, I was a stand in for the invocation if he and Tina had not gotten there in time.

I feel very comfortable that Kathy will represent the wishes of the Harris County contingent and I was impressed with the process and the turnout of CD 22 chairs from Harris County.

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