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Sunday, June 25, 2006

From a reader - End The 40 Year Study Of Clear Creek -- Save $$

Our good friend Kathy Rogers in Friendswood wanted to pass along the following info for those of you on Clear Creek.

The next few days will determine if the old US Army
Corps creek project (from the mid 60's) lingers on for
a few more years (needlessly costing millions) - or -
if it can be ended NOW.

Funding has been automatically removed and Tom DeLay
did not restore the multi-million dollar budget item
to continue study of the creek project for another
painful year.

Some governmental entities (i.e. like Pearland and
Brazoria DD4) are lobbying Senators Hutchinson and
Cornyn to force the federal budget to be expanded to
include another $2.5 million for more studies again
next year.

The Army Corps stripped any benefits for League City,
Friendswood, Webster, CLC or the downstream
communities from this project and our elected
officials should be informed just how we feel about
spending more money on an effort that fails to provide
any flood relief for local homeowners and businesses.

Just a few calls to the Senators offices may cause
enough doubt about this project to kill this never
ending study of the creek ... and wakeup everyone to
the fact that we need a local plan to address

If you can make just one call to each of the following
numbers and let the office staff know that this
project has been a big waste, it doesn't address
flooding problems in Friendswood or the downstream
communities, and it's truly time this project be taken
off the books. If we can create just a little doubt
I think we may have a chance to finally stop this
never ending study that's already topped $50 million
and we still don't have any flood relief.

Senator Hutchinson - Houston Office - (713) 653-3456
Senator Cornyn - Houston Office - (713) 572-3337

And, of course, if you're FOR it, you can tell them
that (because this is a Party open to ideas!)

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