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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yet another reason why friends don't let friends vote Democrat

Galveston County Democratic Party Chairman Lloyd Criss just doesn’t get it.

Yesterday, the Galveston Daily News ran a story where Criss attacks Republican Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson for voter registration irregularities; and appallingly, he does so without a shred of evidence.

Criss even threatened legal action against Johnson if “proper answers or actions are not forthcoming.”

This is another example of the Democrats tired “We-don’t-have–any-ideas- to-win-an-election-so-we’ll-attack-the-Republicans” strategy.

In League City:

Former Mayor Pat Hallisey tried it against Chris Stevens; Stevens won 77% of the primary votes.

Former Councilwoman Elaine Kosty tried to attack Mayor Shults about proclamations; proclamations are still on channel 16.

The extreme left Democrat bloggers in League City tried it; and they couldn’t even get a Democrat to file, much less run for, a council seat. All 7 candidates for the council this year are Republicans.

LC Democrat Precinct Chairman Chris Mallios and his left wing nuts have attacked me repeatedly for several months on various flavor of the month issues – and I am not only surviving but thriving.

At the county level, Lloyd Criss and the entire Democratic Party nationally have been attacking Tom Delay for over a year; Tom just took 62% of the vote in a 4 person field in the primary.

Someone, Lloyd says it wasn’t Democrats, tried it against Albert Choate; Albert took 40% of the vote in the primary and is the front-runner in the April 11th runoff.

And now, here comes Lloyd’s latest baseless attack against a Republican - Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson; an attack so meritless that members of his own party say it’s off base.

I don’t even know were to start with Lloyd.

Maybe Lloyd didn’t get the memo that this is 2006 and not 1966.

Maybe he hasn’t looked at every statewide race in Texas for the past decade and noticed the lack of a Democrat.

Maybe he hasn’t noticed in the past few years that Democrats in Galveston County – the party he leads – lose seats countywide.

Maybe he hasn’t figured out that the politics of personal destruction don’t work and that voters are smarter than that.

Or maybe he has, but his myopic fixation will all things Republican doesn’t allow him to see that his party has been hijacked by far left extremists; extremists whose views don’t mirror the traditional conservative values of the mainstream voters in Galveston County.

I think the rhetoric of Democratic Party officials and activists like Criss and Mallios has sunk to a new low that will be rejected by voters in League City in May and in Galveston County in November.

The kind of words we're hearing now from Democratic activists and bloggers in League City and Galveston County has gone beyond political debate — it has risen to the level of political hate speech.

They are so hateful and vitriolic that reasonable people have to wonder why?

I have the answer.

They do it because they don’t have any ideas that resonate with voters. They do it because in many parts of Galveston County, starting north and heading south, the Democrat party of 2006 is bordering on irrelevance and they have no clue how to reach the mainstream voters that decide elections; which is the same problem, they have on a national level.

2006 will be a key election for Republicans at every level.

According to the Republican National Committee, our economy is strong.

We see it in a growing GDP, low unemployment, and a shrinking deficit.

But in a world where it is just as easy to create a job in Lima, Peru as it is in Lima, Ohio, we need to reduce taxation, regulation and litigation to keep jobs here.

We must decrease our dependence on Middle East oil and increase home grown, clean, reliable and safe sources of energy.

And we need a workforce that can take advantage of the jobs we are creating … which means we need the best education system in the world.

While Republicans have a plan to keep America competitive in the future, Democrats, like your favorite used car salesmen, ‘have a deal for you.’

They’re trying to convince you that they’re for more homegrown energy – they just don’t want to explore for it, drill for it, produce it, refine it, transport it, or let you use it.

They’re trying to sell you on better health care – but they want to take prescription drugs away from seniors, put government between you and your doctor, and protect trial lawyers’ frivolous lawsuits.

They want you to believe they favor education reform – that is, unless it involves more choice, higher standards and more accountability.

And here’s the biggest whopper of them all: They claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility, but their solution to every problem is the same: You pay more taxes.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi called for higher taxes.

To support our troops in Iraq, Hillary Clinton’s plan: higher taxes.

They argued against cutting taxes when we had a surplus … and still wanted to raise them when the economy went into recession.

Here in Galveston County voters will choose in 2006 between a Party that has a pro-growth agenda, and one with a clear record of another kind of growth: growth in your taxes, growth in trial lawyers’ fees, and growth in what you pay at the gas pump.

There is one more reason the 2006 election is so urgent.

One of our nation’s oldest and most important principles is that we vote representatives into office to make our laws … and if we don’t like the laws, we have the power to vote those representatives out again.

Republicans stand for democracy; we stand for the Constitution; and that means we stand against judicial activism.

And in 2006, we will choose whether we will continue to put judges on the bench in Galveston County who will interpret the law, not invent it.

Go to the Galveston County Republican Party website. We need to keep strong conservative judges like John Ellisor on the bench and elect judicial candidates like Miles Whittington, Bret Griffin, Jack Roady, and Chuck Kaufmann.

The Democrats and their liberal special interest allies are working hard to keep Democrats on the bench in Galveston County.

Democrats, of course, will assure us that all they’re doing is making sure that justice is served.

But once again, what they say doesn’t match what they do.

Because what they’re really doing is fighting for an activist judiciary that they depend on to carry out their liberal agenda. Just look at what’s going on at the federal level:

If you want to strike ‘Under God’ from the Pledge …

If you want to take private property from one person and give it to another …

If you want to base decisions on the laws of other countries …

If you want to deny parents the right to know if their minor daughter is having an abortion …

… you need activist judges, because Republicans have proven you can’t possibly win those issues at the ballot box.

That is what is at stake this year.

That is the choice we will make in November.

And that is why Republicans cannot rest; we cannot coast.

We need to get to work right now – not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, but now.

And we must make clear to all of Galveston County the differences between our parties.

While they attack people, we attack problems.

While they look at polls, we will lead on principle.

While they will say anything to win the next election, we will do the right things to win our future.

There is a real choice in 2006. There is an urgent choice.

These elections matter. Not just for our party; but for our country.

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