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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Temporary Format Change for Anything League City

Please tune in for the next two shows if you want to hear me continue to fight the good fight against the Left on Wednesday at 7p on Anything League City.

Mr. Mallios and I will only have two more Point/ Counterpoint segments left until we take a hiatus requested by Marc Edelman who runs the show.

Starting on April 5th, Anything League City will focus on the League City Council candidates until May 10th. Chris and I will still give our 3 minute reports, but there will be no Point / Counter point.

This Wednesday, March 22nd Democrat State Rep Craig Eiland from Galveston will be our guest and our Point / Counterpoint topic will be – “What should the city do about the Butler Longhorn Museum project in League City??

Our guest on March 29th is Democrat County Judge Jim Yarbrough.

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