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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Help Lynn Swann get elected as the next Governor of Pennsylvania

The following message comes from the campaign of NFL great, Lynn Swann, who is now tied in his race for Pennsylvania Governor against the incumbent Democrat.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

It is important that the next Governor of Pennsylvania share the traditional values we hold dear. My moral compass, my integrity and my character, is based on Christian values because that's the way I was raised. These core conservative values will guide me in making important decisions as Governor.

To spread my message of traditional values, I need support from conservative activists like you. That's why I'm asking you to please make a secure online contribution today.

I believe that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has an obligation to protect its citizens, including the most innocent among us - the unborn. I am in favor of life and don't believe in abortion. I believe we should look for alternative measures other than abortion.

I support extending protections to the unborn. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, I will sign a bill the legislature sends me extending additional protections to the unborn.

Until that time, I will continue attempting to create a culture of life, both by using legislation as well as using the bully pulpit of the office. I'll work to reduce the numbers of abortions by encouraging alternatives, including adoption and abstinence.

On March 27th, we must file a report disclosing how much money we have raised. This is how the press and opposition will measure how serious my campaign is. Please make your donation right away before our March 27th fundraising filing deadline so I can spread my message of traditional values to the voters.

I am counting on support from conservatives like you to join my team. I'm running neck and neck with my opponent, Democrat incumbent, Ed Rendell. In 2002, he spent over $42 million to get elected and is expected to spend even more in 2006.

The Governor is so worried that he has even talked about launching a television assault against us starting any day now!

We need to raise as much money as possible in the next week to get out my message of traditional values to Pennsylvania voters. That's why it's so important you make your secure online donation immediately!

The left wing attacks on my conservative agenda for change have already started. I need your help to combat their enormous war chest. Together we can work as a team to bring positive change to Pennsylvania. Thank you for your support!


Lynn Swann

P.S. Pennsylvania has an obligation to protect its citizens - especially the unborn. Please join my team today to bring conservative values to the Governor's office!

©2006 Paid for by Swann for Governor
P.O. Box 3501 Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3501

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