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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Former League City Mayor Pat Hallisey calls on Councilwoman Benoit to resign

Here is another one of those contradictions that Democrats have such trouble explaining away.

The following letter was submitted to the Guidrynews by former League City Mayor Pat Hallisey.

He appears upset that Councilmember Benoit withdrew her name from the ballot for the upcoming LC council election, he is "disgusted" by her actions and thinks Mr. Samuelson (who signed up before Ms. Benoit) should be ashamed for winning the seat unopposed and should resign his candidacy.

Yet I have not seen any sense of outrage when the opponent for the CCISD Trustee election who was running against Dee Scott withdrew his name from that race, allowing the election to be cancelled and Ms. Scott to win unopposed.

Now, why do you suppose that Mr. Hallisey is outraged about Ms. Benoit, but not Ms. Scott?

It wouldn't have anything to do with settling old LC political scores; would it?


Letter to the Editor by Pat Hallisey
March 22, 2006

I am shocked and bewildered at the disgusting actions of Katie Benoit. This incumbent Pos. 4 League City Council Member filed for re-election (with no intention of running) to keep the number of potential candidates interested in that seat to a minimum, all in hopes that a hand picked person could be anointed as the new Council Member Pos. 4.

The past several weeks rumors have been abundant that Ms Benoit was going to pull out at the last possible minute and allow Chris Samuelson to walk into Office unopposed. We will never know who might have been interested in serving this community because an open seat would have surely generated interest and potentially more citizens who wanted to run.

Anointing our leaders has never been an accepted part of the democratic process. Shame on Ms. Benoit who forever will be a blemish on the history of League City. Shame on Chris Samuelson who will walk into office without ever knowing whether his goals and objectives were acceptable to the people of this community.

I always find it amusing that so many people knew and talked about this before it happened. It is another a sad day for League City.

If Katie Benoit thinks so little of League City and of the democracy it represents, then she should submit her resignation immediately. Chris Samuelson, who I believe did a disservice to the Citizens of League City should also do the right thing and resign his candidacy.

This stinks and so do those involved! Whoever they might be! There is just no other way to spin it!

Pat Hallisey

I fail to see Mr. Hallisey's point. Chris Samuelson obviously intended to run against Katie Benoit as he filed before she did and did not remove his name from the race even after Katie filed.

I don't see how it is Samuelson's fault that no one else had the guts to run against an incumbent.
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