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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Former Congressman Stockman confirms Independent run for Tom Delay's seat

According to a recent article in Congressional Quarterly, former US Congressman Steve Stockman confirmed his intention to run against current congressman and Republican nominee, Tom Delay for the CD 22 seat.

Sounding confident, Stockman stated in the article that he was “running to win” and that he will collect “more than enough” signatures of voters who have not voted in the Democrat or Republican primary or runoff.

Stockman needs 500 signatures by May 11th to secure a place on the ballot.

Human Events online also has an exclusive interview with Stockman in January where Stockman shares his thoughts about why he ws entering the race.

According to Wikipedia, Stockman now serves as director of the Campus Leadership Program at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia, and is an Independent Candidate for DeLay's seat.

Stockman said that DeLay's legal troubles mean the Republicans may not be able to hold the congressional seat so he is running as an independent to conserve GOP options in the November 2006 general election.

Stockman said that he intends to aim his candidacy at his old Democratic nemesis, former Congressman Nick Lampson who is the Democratic nominee for the seat.

Hat tip to Greg in TX22

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