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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Campbell Endorses Choate in April 11th Republican Primary Runoff Election For County Commissioner Precinct Two

(Santa Fe) – J.L. “Bubba” Campbell, the 2004 Republican Nominee for Sheriff and the front-runner for the 2008 Republican nomination for Sheriff, threw his support behind Albert Choate in the April 11th runoff election.

“I strongly endorse Albert Choate in the Republican primary runoff election for County Commissioner Precinct Two,” said Campbell.

“Albert is a man of integrity who shares our conservative values. The County Commissioner for Precinct Two is too important a job to give to someone who doesn’t have any experience. Albert assured me that he would be a full-time commissioner, that he would be actively involved in the Santa Fe community, and that he would support efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sheriff’s department; those issues are very important to me.”

Choate commented, “I appreciate the strong endorsement by Bubba Campbell, and I look forward to meeting the Kevin O’ Brien voters who didn’t vote for me and earning their support.”
Towards that end, the Choate campaign announced a campaign event in Santa Fe at Haak Winery, on Wednesday, March 29th from 5p – 7p. The public is invited.

This is definately your blog and you should whole heartedly show support to your candidate... but have to disagree... I always support the person, not the 'Party'... (It's the moderate, centerist, whatever the correct political term is these days) I didn't vote for Mr. Campbell for Sherriff either...

Saw in todays 'Letters' of GDN this:

We have known the Janek family for more than 10 years.

We have worked with the Eddie Janek Sr. on several projects involving safety, drainage and hurricane response in Galveston’s West End. We have met very few families that have shown so much interest and dedication to the betterment of their friends, neighbors and the community as a whole as the Janeks, as confirmed by their community service, Eddie Sr. as county commissioner and son Kyle and state senator.

We, as a community, have the opportunity to experience the same dedication, energy, drive and talent in Eddie Janek Jr.’s drive to become the next Galveston County commissioner for Precinct 2.

Eddie’s background is ideal for this position.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M and has an MBA from St. Thomas School of Business in finance.

He has founded two companies. He has been intimately exposed to the life and demands of the office through his family and understands the importance of focus and dedication to the responsibilities of the county commissioner’s office.

Eddie is the right man at the right time to listen, to understand, to act and to lead as county commissioner for position 2.

Jim and Cindy Huddleston

I don't know Mr. Janek personally, but I do have to agree with Mr. and Mrs. Huddleston.

Once again... just an opinion that we'll have to disagree on...

Thanks for the opportunity to make other viewpoints available, Mr. Markum... It is truly appreciated.

Thanks for commenting; all view points, including moderates, add to the discussion.

What's important about this race is that people on the west side of League City know that Precinct Two is their precinct and get back to the polls in the runoff. It is my sense that whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be will win the race in November and pick up this seat from the Democrats.

We can agree to disagree, feel free to comment anytime.

Are you a League City resident?? If so, what's your position on the Butler Longhorn Museum??

If you're not, you can see some of my previous posts for a quick summary of the issue. It's more local to League City.
You respond quickly to comments... Thanks a lot for that... Most of the time I just 'comment' on the post or article... (and am a whole lot wordy... just the way it is)

Yes, I do live on the far westside of League City and am quite interested in how 'BLM' proceeds. Personally, I don't care for how 'feet have been dragging', whether it is from the City, the Curator, the Contractors, etc... The project is taking way too long...

I like some of the ideas I've seen or heard elsewhere in 'communication land'
- If the property belongs to League City, use the building for the Parks & Rec. Dept. and let the artifacts remain there (the longhorn cow... too or is that moo?)
- Finish it with the funds already curently available from City, State (no more League City money)... and let a private or volunteer group pick it up... (write off the beginning as a 'HUGE' mistake)

There have been so many mistakes made on this project... What about the bids... was it a 'flat bid' or was it a 'bid plus'... What are the 'hang-ups' involved... Can't believe it was weather... obtaining supplies... All the building of residential and business going on around???

Since I've been in League City these last 8 1/2 years, it seems that there is no supervision on projects... No deadlines with penalties or completion beforehand with a bonus on any of League City projects... Aren't a lot of contractors motivated by ideas such as that??? Maybe if we had a City Manager around longer than a year... It would help... I don't know...

I do know that we chose League City because of our children... The area we live in is Galveston County, not Harris County... CCISD is a wonderful school system and has so many wonderful programs. Easy access to Galveston Bay and the Gulf with our boats... Taxes are higher, but worth it... One usually gets what they pay for... I don't like people talking about tax cuts or tax increases... I'd much rather see people, not only talk the talk, but walk the talk... We love League City and don't plan on leaving... League City is HOME!! One gets out and does what's needed to make the changes more tolerable and livable where one choses to set down roots, or one gets what they asked for...

Sorry, way to wordy... That's my 'Northern' ways...and just the way I feel...

Thanks for asking and making this forum available...
Your welcome; use this blog as a forum anytime.

If you are a far westsider you may be in County Commissioner Precinct Two which means you'll have a new county commissioner come November. If you are a Republican primary voter, please vote in the April 11th runoff.

I agree with much of the sentiment about BLM. The first issue must be stop spending city money on the project.

Once that's happened, I'm open to a compromise that does not encumber the city to future payments.

I have heard about the idea of moving the city parks department to the site; that would be my third choice behind: selling it, for a profit, if possible and keeping it a museum with private or non-profit groups picking up the rest of the tab.

I disagree with the uproar that some on the left and right are having about not wanting to have a meeting at the site; I think that's a red herring.

If the building is not ready, they can have the meeting outside and set up some chairs. I'd like to see what the taxpayers have paid for so far and why they need another $500K.
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