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Thursday, March 16, 2006

ACTION ALERT: From Congressman Ron Paul’s Liberty Committee - Don't be silenced!

The mainstream media and the political elites have become afraid of you.

Whether they are in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Paris or Sydney, the political and media elites are afraid you will eventually know too much and say too much. Which is why they are determined to control the Internet in whatever ways they can.

This afternoon, the U.S. House will vote on the Online Freedom of Speech Act (H.R. 1606). We strongly urge a "yes" vote, as do organizations such as Gun Owners of America, National Taxpayers Union, National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council, National Rifle Association, and American Conservative Union.

H.R. 1606 is needed because federal courts have ordered the Federal Election Commission to regulate "electioneering communications" on the Internet because of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act (McCain-Feingold).

If H.R. 1606 fails to become law, your Web site or blog could be shut down for the 30 days prior to a primary election and the 60 days prior to a general election should you express "electioneering communications."

And any political e-mail you send during those times supporting or denouncing a candidate could also be disallowed. So, grass-roots political activism will be silenced. But the media elite, such as the New York Times, won't be muzzled because they are exempt as members of the "official press." They will be allowed to continue writing editorials about various candidates, but you won't have approval from the State to say a word.

By the way, The New York Times had an editorial on 3/15/06 urging a "no" vote on H.R. 1606. The vote will be held today.

Please urge your U.S. representative to vote "yes" on H.R. 1606. To send your message, go to

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

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