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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tonight is Open Microphone Night on Anything League City

Call in tonight with your questions or comments and go toe to toe with some of our favorite Democrats, Chris Mallios or Jimmy Trojanowski. Marc Edelman and I will be answering questions from the Right.

Tonights Point/Counterpoint will be part 2 of the League City Day Laborer Debate.

You can listen live at:

You can call in or send an e-mail question between 7p and 8p to: 281-332-4798 or


I'm NOT left or right.

Don't schlub me in with people who support a candidate just because they wear a certain political dog collar.

I like to think of myself as a well rounded, common sense individual who votes based on candidates and/or issues, not a party.

(That's not true. I'll always vote for a party.)
Jimmy may say he is not left or right, but he does sit on the same side of the table as Mallios when we tape the show!!
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