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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Markum responds to attack by Democrat Chair

Lloyd Criss must be getting desparate. The Galveston County Democrat Party Chairman attacked me recently in the Galveston Daily News for vigorously defending one of our clients.

Why is Lloyd so focused on me?? Maybe it's because his party and their ideas are on the way out in Galveston County and he wants to try and take the focus off of his candidates and create an issue when there is no issue.

That's why friends don't let friends vote Democrat. They can't get at President Bush, so they attack Karl Rove. Galveston County Democrats can't touch Albert Choate, so they come after me.

Hey Lloyd, how about you put candidates on the ballot that represent the conservative values of the majority of Galveston County voters, and you wouldn't have to worry about me.

The GDN, as is typical of the MSM, did not print the full response. As our readers here know, the battle against the liberals is never-ending.

Here for the benefit of our readers is my full response:

Albert Choate is the only candidate in this race who has signed the Texas Code of Fair Campaign Practices”, said Choate political director Onzelo Markum.

This baseless accusation against me is a worn out page from the Lloyd Criss playbook of dirty tricks. If Mr. Criss has evidence that I or any of my staff had anything to do with this smear campaign; produce it, otherwise, I’ll treat it as what it is – a desperate attempt to divert the voters attention from the real issues at hand.

“I believe the citizens of Galveston County are tired of “gotcha” politics, they are tired of the petty, vengeful behavior and mudslinging that makes politics in Galveston County so negative”, continued Markum.

For the record, Mr. Criss, we don’t engage in cheap publicity stunts. We don’t have to. Our candidates and their conservative philosophy of government speak for themselves.

As a political consultant, I am often subjected to unwarranted attacks. Often these attacks are politically motivated by misguided individuals.

Here is all I ask of Galveston County’s voters: When charges are leveled against me, don’t take them at face value. Instead, consider the source of the charges and the source’s political allegiances, consider the information I provide, and then --just as importantly--subject the charges themselves to the scrutiny and skepticism they deserve.

Fairness and a sincere interest in the truth demand no less.

The issue Mr. Criss doesn’t want voters to focus on is the strong, conservative, positive, issue-oriented campaign of Republican Albert Choate for County Commissioner of Precinct Two.

Vote Choate in March and in November and send a clear message that smear campaigns don’t work.

And, for the record, I have not spoken to Karl Rove in three years.

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