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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Newt Gingrich is pointing the way for Republicans

Newt Gingrich is pointing the way for Republicans. Republicans should be listening. You heard it here first, but I think Newt will be the next Republican nominee for President and Newt can beat Hillary.

Hat tip to Will Maven at The Houston Conservative Blog

Mr. Markum,
Thanks for your linkage to Voice in the Wilderness in one of your other posts.

There's an interesting statement in the story you linked above:

"Being the party in power is NOT as important as being the party of high moral and ethical standards. It was those high ethical standards which won the House for Republicans for the first time in forty-seven year back in 1994, and if they lose the moral high ground now, they are no better than those Democrats who seek to replace them."

I agree though also add that Republicans need to be the party of big ideas and bold innovations....namely conservative ideas and innovations. They really lost something when Gingrich and Dick Armey left Congress. They were the Big Idea people. Of course, they need people who can play the power politics game, like Tom DeLay. But they also need ideals and vision to guide the use of that power. Hopefully, the Abramoff scandal will chasten Congressional Republicans to pursue conservative initiatives, not power for it's own sake.
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