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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Galveston County Republican Party Candidates file for office

(LEAGUE CITY) – Galveston County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Corcoran today announced a strong, qualified and conservative group of candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the March primary.

“I am excited to present to Republican Primary voters this strong group of candidates who are committed to the conservative agenda of lower taxes, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and judicial restraint”, Corcoran continued, speaking with a group of Republican party activists in League City.

“This team gives us a solid foundation as the Galveston County Republican Party gathers momentum for success in the general election in November,” Corcoran said.

Nearly all of the candidates for county office presented themselves to the crowd of more than a hundred gathered at the Galveston County Annex on Calder Road in League City who enjoyed BBQ while meeting with the candidates. Led by Chairman Corcoran who is up for re-election in the March primary, seven Republican incumbents: District 17 State Senator Kyle Janek, District 24 State Representative Larry Taylor, County Treasurer Kevin Walsh, 122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ken Clark, JP 7 Judge Mark Foster, and JP 8 place 2 Judge Jim Woltz are seeking re-election.

First time countywide candidates include Galveston County Navigation District 1 Commissioner Albert Choate, Kevin O’ Brien and Eddie A. Janek who are all running for the County Commissioner Precinct 2 nomination, former League City Council member Barbara Meeks running for County Clerk, Galveston ISD Trustee John Ford running for the District Clerk nomination, Jon Hall running for District Attorney, Chuck Kaufmann running for Probate Court Judge, Pete Nanos and Taylor Schwab running for JP Precinct 1 Judge, Jack Roady running for Judge of County Court at Law #3, and John Grady and Brett Griffin running for Judge of County Court at Law #2.

Former Galveston County GOP Chairman Chris Stevens is running for the County Judge nomination against Bill Quiroga and Judge Miles Whittington, who served a one-year term on the 212th after being appointed to the court by Governor George W. Bush in 1998, is seeking the nod for the 212th District Court again.

Why couldn't they get anyone to run for District 23 State Rep.?
For the Republicans to let any position go unchallenged is disapointing.
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My sense is that the Galveston County Republican party is being more strategic in the use of its resources.

I agree with that. There are democrat incumbents who are a lot weaker than Eiland (CC 2 Judge Trey Dibrell comes to mind) and there are open seats that are ready to be picked up by a strong, conservative Republican candidate (County Commissioner 2 comes to mind).

I would target the weak links first before taking on an entrenched incumbent.

But I wish you all the best. A small government/lower taxes Libertarian would be a vast improvement for District 23.
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