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Monday, December 26, 2005

Will Congressman Tom Delay keep his seat in CD 22??

The Democrats and Delay-haters are circling in the water after the last bit of legal maneuvering by Congressman Delay.

For the record, and thanks to local Dem Chris Mallios, Delay actually has some of League City in CD 22. Galveston County Pct 482, near FM 517 and McFarland Road and Harris County Pct 455, the Clear Creek shores neighborhood near Challenger 7 Park are in CD 22.

Two candidates have filed against Delay in the Republican primary: Mike Fjetland and Pat Baig.

Former congressman, and current liberal, Nick Lampson has filed for the seat for the Dems.

Local League City realtor, Larry “The Dirt Merchant” Corona has even gone do far as to accept my wager of a Perry’s Grille pork chop if Nick Lampson, the poster boy for the Hollywood and New York liberals like U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy, defeats Congressman Delay.

Lampson is so far out of the mainstream for Texans, especially in the 22nd congressional district, that I almost feel like I am taking advantage of Larry; but I’ll get over it.

Larry, all I have to say is; I like my pork chop well done, herb crusted, and lightly glazed.

See you in November!!

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