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Saturday, December 24, 2005

How did League City Mayor Shults and the City Council do in their first 6 months in office?

I gave the Mayor and Council an "A" on last weeks Anything League City Internet radio show.

I think there is clearly work to be done, but the Council is no longer fodder for the news and that is a good thing. Interim senior staff positions are being replaced by a permanent leadership team. Council meetings are shorter, more civil and professional, and more effective. Morale at City Hall is up and Mayor Shults and the Council are working together to make appointments to boards and commissions, which had stalled completely during the last 6 months of the previous administration.

We are better off now than we were 6 months ago and we will be better off 6 months from now than we are today. It's a process and reasonable people may disagree over the pace, or the priorities of the administration, but the Mayor and Council are tackling some tough issues (leftover from previous administrations, I might add) and moving League City forward.

I don't know how much you know about Nick Lampson ... in a conservation with voters he sounds almost like a conservative Texan. However, to discover the truth you must look at his voting record in Congress. While representing thousands of local petro-chemical workers he voted against oil drilling in Alaska and in every other instance I'm aware he voted with the far liberal left ... even when that conflicted with our local interest.

Best of luck on your Blog.
I agree, you have to drill down to find the true liberal lurking within Lampson; which is why it's important that we give people the facts and let them decide.

My hope is to be a source of light shining in the darkness.

Thank you for your support of the blog, check back regularly and tell your friends that there will be a conservative blog in this town to balance out the left.
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