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Saturday, December 24, 2005

CCISD High School #6

I note with some pleasure that CCISD is going to have a public hearing on January 13th to discuss the bond for High School #6. HS 6 may even be built before HS 5, which is slated for the east side of League City on the Hwy 96/ Bayridge area.

No location has been picked, but according The Citizen early indications are that HS 6 will be a smaller campus (1600 students) designed for gifted and talented students to earn college credit and even an associate's degree while in high school.

There will be no athletics or band, so the focus will be on academics.

Early planning, public disclosure, and a back to basics philosophy; that's a public school concept a conservative can love.

Hopefully, future new High Schools go more smoothly than the last one. I think the people of our community need to rethink their view of a school being located by their home. It is not a garbage dump! Some good planning of roads that improve ingress and egress to the schools to minimize the impact to the surrounding neighborhoods might be helpful to prompt the citizens of our community to view a new High school as a community asset, rather than a detriment to their neighborhood.
I don't believe this is anything unique to League City. Like the power shortages in California, everyone wants to reap the fruits of a well developed community but nobody wants to deal with what it takes to make it so. Americans are unfortunately spoiled babies who not only can't deal with the slightest hardship but usually have the arrogance to feel they shouldn't have to.
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